Hayden’s Diary

Hayden Horner has begun publishing an on-line diary, that I am going to be relaying via AfricaFiles in my capacity as AIDS Editor. Hayden is a gay South African journalist living with HIV which, as he writes about, is not an easy lot in life.

Do I mean living with HIV? Being a journalist? Being openly gay? The answer: all of the above!

I look forward to reading his thoughts and feelings and, as I said in a note to him, who knows? Perhaps we will meet when the next International Conference on AIDS is held in Toronto in 2006.


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2 thoughts on “Hayden’s Diary

  1. Dear Tjomma,

    Last we were in touch you could see your life as PlusNews journalist
    coming to an end. Was that, in fact, the case? (I even wrote to a
    general in-box there but no one responded.)

    Your new address is intriguing. Are you a match-maker now? (Never mind, I see the web-site is a magazine!)

    I’m very glad to hear from you. My blog continues, as much or more
    about life in general as HIV/AIDS in particular. I’m seeing my two
    medical doctors over the next few weeks. I am due for a scolding as I
    have been off my meds for several months and the time has come to face
    the music (lab results) and seek direction from the docs. This
    happened before when my brother – also gay, also poz – died so
    unexpectedly of a freak accident/brain injury in 2007.

    Again, so thrilled you found me and I so look forward to catching up more.

    Big hugs from a sweaty Toronto. Factoring in the humidity it is body
    temperature (living) outside!


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