The 9/11 Commission reports back

The final report of the 9/11 Commission, released today, is chilling – at first glance, anyway – as it recounts, step-by-step what could only be told with the benefit of hindsight. While the commission summarizes its conclusions as “a failure of imagination” I agree with Al Franken’s assessment that, in light of the famous August “P.D.B.” given to President Bush as he vacationed in Texas, it was also a “failure of attention”.

It’s the same sort of failures that have marked the calamity of AIDS, dismissed here in the west, for years, as a problem in “high risk groups” only, which has decimated so much of Africa. Ditto the Rwandan genocide. Ditto what’s going on now in the Sudan.

Our moral compass is completely broken as billions of dollars go toward wars of political expediency, such as Bush’s invasion of Iraq, while discontent rightfully grows among the suffering peoples of the world. Are we only safer because the daily struggle for survival trumps any wish to rise up against injustices? Shame on us!


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