POZ Canada

POZ Canada – POZ Canadian – POZ.ca Has Simple HIV/AIDS Information And Meeting Services Online For Canadian HIV+ or AIDS Hetero, Gay, Bi, Lesbian and Transgender (GBLT), Even a Children’s Area. Online HIV Support Groups and Services for Canada

The long name says it all!

POZ Canada is an excellent web site, chock full of information and great links. Maybe once I’m linked to it my traffic will increase ;^) – not a huge issue for me at this stage of my writing but something I would hope to improve upon in the months ahead. The mere fact that two people have sent comments this week tells me that I must be writing a few good “key words”.

I am starting to feel better, having been to a movie with my friend Stephen Friday night (Collateral – most excellent!) and then I ventured out to church this morning, the first time I have been back since mid-June. It was great to get reconnected with friends from TSP, and we are still worshipping with Bloor Street until September.

I can see now that I was isolating even before I got sick. It’s almost like I was shutting down, the way a computer does, just before being turned off completely.

I’m back now!


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