There’s this thing about blogging…

If someone finds you (me) I try to find out as much as I can about them. Take DaveyBoy, for example, who contacted me through this blog earlier today.

He has created a vast network of web sites unlike anything I have ever seen. It will be a challenge, but i’d like to pick a few more of them to link to. At the moment he cannot even be contacted directly. Never one to let my curiosity go unfed, I found his story here. It is mind-blowing.

Dave, I salute you!

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4 thoughts on “There’s this thing about blogging…

  1. Kenn

    Would you mind if I linked your blog from mine? I am truly inspired by your courage and every time I open up your blog I am encouraged. You have strength I doubt you know you have! (We always seem to see strength in others but look at ourselves as weak don’t we?)
    Anyway, I don’t expect the link to be reciprocated. For the time being I do not want people to link my blog from theirs, but would like others to be able to read about your journey.

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