This Place

This Place

When I’m in pain

There’s this place I go

It seems I’m there

Before I know

What’s made me move

Inside or out

Makes me scream

With never a shout

I’d like to yell

Till my throat got hoarse

But it’s not likely I will

Being so composed of course

It’s a confusing place

But comfortable too

Being at ease in pain

I’ve become accustomed to

It’s not a pain

“Rate it one to ten”

But an ache, a dread

Of what to do when

Pain subsides

Or I get distracted

And start to believe

I’ve over-reacted

My fate unsure

The end unwritten

I could fall in love

Or at least be smitten

But how could I love

When I’ve always questioned

How things could be,

Details not mentioned

A secret between friends

Is safe with me

But a secret pain

Won’t set me free.

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