Under the knife

With my gall bladder surgery set for tomorrow morning, an item in Sojourners Magazine seems to answer the question of where gall will go without a gallbladder – straight to Jimmy Swaggart’s mouth!

I’ll lay out my biases upfront, to anyone who does not already know them: I am gay and I am Christian.

Upon reading the headline for David Batstone’s article, Batteries not included – Jimmy Swaggart tells congregation he’d kill gays (Sojourners, 9.22.04), my defensive reaction was to snicker. Swaggart’s hypocrisy speaks for itself.

Then, reading the transcript of his broadcast, I felt a chill. It was as if Swaggart, or any number of his giggling congregation, were beating me to the ground, kicking me in the stomach, and leaving me for dead, not unlike the highway robbers in the ‘good Samaritan’ story. Not unlike the killers of Matthew Shepard or countless other victims of violence due to their sexual orientation.

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2 thoughts on “Under the knife

  1. I happened upon your blog by accident – its completely riveting. I wish you all the best in your journey.

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