Imagine a world governed, officially or otherwise, by a clique of narrow-minded religious fanatics who not only welcomed their own deaths, as a reward, they also look forward to the end of the planet as we know it.

That world is here – whether one considers fundamentalists named bin Laden or fundamentalists named Bush and whether the end of the world is called “Paradise” or “The Rapture”.

What the media continuously under-reports is how George Bush is trying to bring about (or “Bring it on!”, that being one of Bush’s favourite expressions) what those in his conservative, the Bible-is-to-be-interpreted-literally, circles believe MUST happen before the conditions will be right for “the Second Coming (of Christ)”, i.e. the end of the world. The world’s final conflict, which they see as inevitable, needs to be in the Holy Land – and you can’t get much holier than the Middle East where Islam, Christianity and Judaism each have their roots.

How much more rational is this than a suicide bomber’s belief that he will be that much closer to Paradise if he goes through with his terroist plot?

What a world we have wrought!


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