Election? E-Day minus ____

As our elected representatives, and their would-be replacements, assess the mood of the country here’s my way of checking in with NDP leader Jack Layton:

I’m ready when you are!

The last election was called when Paul Martin thought the time was right (or would not get much better) – for the Liberals. However the chips may fall I think it is time for Parliament to take away that decision-making power from Prime Minister ‘Dithers’. This is the same guy who introduced equal marriage legislation only after courts made same-sex marriage a fait accompli in most areas of Canada.

Toronto Centre NDP’s nomination meeting will be held May 16 at the Central Y and I will proudly work to elect whomever is chosen from the impressive field of candidates that I have heard from so far – Nancy Martin, Chris Moise and Michael Shapcott. While both Nancy and Chris have impressive credentials – is it not terrific to have more great candidates than we can nominate? – it is Michael’s wish to “finish what we started” in last year’s campaign that has me backing him. His enthusiasm is infectious and his respect across many sectors in the riding seems genuine.


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