Are equality rights not convenient this week?

The longer I wait for Bill C-38 to be called for a vote the angrier I become.

Contrast this with the hope and excitement I felt last winter as I looked forward to Toronto’s Pride Week in June with Bill C-38 having just been passed days earlier through the House of Commons.

Well, Pride Week is here in Toronto and C-38 seems to be on the trash heap of political expediency. It is a cynical government, indeed, which plays with the emotions of same-sex couples with an eye only to lining queers up against the dinosaur Conservatives (and many Liberal opponents) eventually.

Frankly a Conservative minority government, with the NDP holding the balance of power, has never looked more attractive.

Update (June 24): Well, thankfully, I can take back that last line. It looks like C-38 will pass next week.

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