Stephen Harper is a grumpy, old(er) man!

Conservative Party of Canada leader Stephen Harper is only about six months (minus four days) older than me and I would be the first to admit that I look older. But he acts and talks like some old curmudgeon, especially about the equal marriage legislation (Bill C-38) and the NDP-brokered ‘better, balanced budget’.

To suggest, no to state explicitly, that the Bloc Quebecois’ separatist aspirations give parliamentary votes on the marriage bill a lack of legitimacy is to deny the ‘legitimacy’ of a hell of a lot of voters living in Quebec whose representatives, be they Bloc members or Liberals, vote on their behalf! Newsflash, Stephen – the people of Quebec are small-l liberal when it comes to social policy and equality rights!

Way to go! Your summer makeover perhaps should include a lot of bed rest and some reading on Confederation and the nature of minority parliaments. Sure that would be ‘policy wonk’-ish but you obviously need a Canadian Politics 101 refresher.

By the way, your low-key representatives in Toronto’s Pride parade on Sunday were booed all along the route. Booing, if you ask me, was far too polite. While your absence was noted it was hardly surprising. Even though your handlers happily point out, east of the Manitoba border, that you were born in Toronto it is clear that you are a notwithstanding Albertan through and through.


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