Like a needle in a haystack! Imagine my surprise…

Like a needle in a haystack!

Imagine my surprise when, as I checked out the Gleaner web site (a newspaper from my youth in Québec’s Chateauguay Valley), I found this story on a former valley fellow who is participating in a long distance cycling trip for HIV/AIDS.

Ormstown native ‘Rides for Life’ with AIDS foundation
Sarah Rennie

Someone is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) every six hours in the province of Quebec, where over 20,000 people have tested positive for HIV, which over time translates into the fatal and, as yet, incurable AIDS.While no vaccine has been developed for the disease, it is preventable, and through aggressive drug treatments, it can somewhat be managed. That said, after decades of widespread awareness campaigns and educational programs, there are still more people becoming infected every year, every day, every hour.

The Farha Foundation has been actively dedicated to fundraising for AIDS research and awareness in Quebec through cultural activities, including the Walk for Life (formerly known as Ça Marche) and public campaigns since its inception in 1992.

For Ormstown native Tracy Patterson, the decision to participate in the Farha Foundation’s Ride for Life bike rally, that will see about 30 cyclists leave Montreal on August 14th to ride to Quebec City only to return six days later on the 19th, was an easy one.

“AIDS touches everyone in some way, and people think that because we don’t hear so much about it anymore that it’s gone away somehow, but it’s still killing people,” says Patterson, who himself has lost friends to the disease.

Read the full article here:

The postal address for The Farha Foundation is : 7080 Parc Ave, Ste. 10, Montréal, QC H3N 1X6; Telephone: (514) 270-4900.

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