Ride for Life returns to Montréal today My latest…

Ride for Life returns to Montréal today

My latest heroes, Tracy Patterson and his partner Brendan, are due home in Montréal today – along with their fellow cyclists – after a one week trip all the way to Québec City and back in aid of The Farha Foundation. Wow! I think they said it would be 665 kilometers in total. Please do not go 666 kilometers or, if you do, keep riding a while longer!

As I was shuffling around the internet last night I googled map and satellite images of their route, as well as a few other points of interest to me (Valleyfield, Perth, Portland, Nova Scotia…how my mind does ramble) and then, just for fun, I googled my own name. To my pleasant surprise I found the results of the five kilometer 2001 Toronto Pride & Remembrance Run, something I had set out to do, against a few odds if I do say so myself, after several years of volunteering as a marshal for the event.

Unfortunately my athleticism, such as it was, took a steep decline after my accident in 2003. I can no longer run and even gave away my bicycyle this year once I had concluded that I would not be venturing out on it again.

So it is that, while I eagerly wait to hear from Brendan and Tracy, I can relive the excitement of completing the 5K run, yes, and faster than I had done in my first try of the distance three weeks earlier in New York’s Central Park – where I think I managed a time of a few seconds under 30 minutes.

Out of 583 men, women and child participants in Toronto I placed 390. (That’s my number on the left margin of the results page.) Among the 330 men I placed 282. Of the 63 men in my age category I placed 56.

Considering how my initial goal was just to finish the run I am still pretty proud of that day’s accomplishment.

Oy! What a difference a few years can make!

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