Eastern Canada, here I come!

It’s hard to believe that, just a month from today, I will be back home after my tour of the Atlantic provinces (including a few days on each end in Halifax).

Having done the western leg of every Canadian’s idyllic cross-country tour in 1996, following the International AIDS Conference of that year in Vancouver, I am now heading east. While I flew west, and took the train home, this trip will have me on the train to and from Halifax, Nova Scotia. From there I head out on a bus tour of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. (Newfoundland will have to wait for another occasion. To extend the tour would have taken another week and close to one thousand additional dollars.)

Speaking to one of my ministers today, both of whom were born and raised in Nova Scotia, I am looking forward to receiving the hospitality the region is known for far and wide.

My train out of Toronto leaves September 21.

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