Canadian Maritimes Tour: Day Eight (afternoon) – More of the Cabot Trail and a formal ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia’

The kitchen staff at our Baddeck hotel, The Inverary Resort, had packed us a delicious picnic lunch which we really appreciated when we stopped at a woodstove-heated cabin in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Back on the bus we headed for Cape North, stopped at lovely Neils Harbour for some pictures, and then, again, at The Keltic Lodge at Ingonish where I managed to find a couple more souvenirs in the gift shop. It was also here that I was overcome with gratitude, not the first time, for the special group of people hobbled together for this tour. Nothing like perspective to help with that. As we walked around the grounds of the lodge other busloads came and went and, perhaps because many of them had known each other for years, they seemed to feel quite free to dish out unsolicited advice to one another – not always with the greatest of diplomacy.

We were back in Baddeck in plenty of time to see whatever shops we had missed yesterday and take a few more pictures. Then we dressed for dinner, our ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia’ dinner, during which our costumed host/guide Jessica inducted each of us into Champlain’s (now Nova Scotia’s) “Order of the Good Time” which, while certainly descriptive of our few days together and is a generally accepted wording in the area, is not the translation of L’Ordre du Bon Temps that I was familiar with – The Order of Good Cheer! (This is also how the Government of Canada information on Port Royal translates it.) It’s a minor point but a detail I owe to my 1970s high school history teachers, Mrs. Blake and Mr. Bye!

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