Canadian Maritimes Tour: Day Eight (morning) – The Cabot Trail

This simple marker along the Cabot Trail pays tribute to fallen men and women of the armed services. (I’ll publish the full inscription on Rememberance Day.) This is easily the most beautiful Cenotaph I have ever seen. There’s that adjective ‘beautiful’ again!

What a view! The Cabot Trail climbs and falls and winds its way along the Cape Breton shoreline. There is a new, more breathtaking view at almost every turn – fishing villages, hills, rocky cliffs, seascapes and, of course, lighthouses. (See my entire collection of photos from this vacation at .)

L’Eglise St. Pierre, in Cheticamp, (pictured below) was built in 1893 with stone carried by barge from nearby Ile Cheticamp. Now that’s devotion! It is a beautiful building, both inside and out. Across the road is the Cooperative Artisanale de Cheticamp (Artisans’ Cooperative) with its museum, on-site rug hooking, gift store and Restaurant Acadien. This was a perfect spot for our morning break as we drove clockwise around the trail. What little I had truly appreciated, about the Acadian expulsion and its aftermath, before taking this trip has been brought to life as I see how the descendants of that sorry chapter in our history so proudly celebrate their unique culture. All I can think, over and over again, is “Those damn Brits!” Then again, perhaps it was this challenge to the very survival of Les Acadiens as a people which has made their modern-day culture so strong! The English didn’t know who they were messing with!100_0913.jpg

And finally…

Our driver, John, stopped the bus when we spotted a moose. This moose cow, or cow moose, was walking away (which explains the view) when I yelled, “Here Moosie,” (as suggested by our guide Jessica). She (the moose) stopped and turned her head just enough to distinguish it from the rest of her body and I snapped the picture.

More this afternoon!

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