Canadian Maritimes Tour: Day Ten – On my own again in Halifax

I began my final full day in Halifax with an instinct-propelled walking tour, which is to say I just put one foot in front of the other. This has consistently led me downhill, literally, from the Citadel area to the waterfront and today was no exception.

I paused on Brunswick Street to take a picture of the former school, now the regional home to Atlantis Alliance Television, which a city tour guide had told us about on my first visit to the city. The windows are covered at all times to commemorate the events surrounding the Halifax explosion of 1917 when, upon seeing the smoke rising in the harbour, students in this school were drawn to the windows – only to be blinded by the shattered glass and bright light of the ensuing explosion.

From here I headed into the Spring Garden Road shopping area where, though not identified specifically in my Webshots gallery album of this tour, there is a wonderful mixture of architecture, shopping and public spaces – from the Old Burying Ground to churches to pubs to the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence.
Drawn back down to the water’s edge I decided a daylight cruise, this time aboard The Silva (the first having been in the evening on the Mar II), would be a way to get some more pictures and a fitting way to say ‘So long’ to this beautiful, vibrant city whose bridges, even, seem to have been inspired by the sailing ships of old.
When a tangled flag prevented the mainsail from opening it was up to an able crew member to race up to the crow’s nest. I also had a very interesting conversation with an historical architect from Quebec who was in town seeing his designs for a condominium complex brought to fruition. Declining an offer to join him for an evening of what seemed to be leading to no good I returned to the hotel to pack. It was a beautiful day, winding up a magnificent stay in the Maritimes. My train leaves during the lunch hour tomorrow.

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