Canadian Maritimes Tour: Day Twelve – A break in Montreal and then home to Emma

It was a fun train trip from Halifax. Last evening, in Maramichi, New Brunswick, a man got on bound for Ottawa. The civil servant, working for CIDA I believe, had been “home” for the weekend to a family wedding. We were matched together for dinner and had a very enjoyable evening.

This morning, with the sun rising over the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I had a huge continental breakfast in the dining car. Morning rush hour was just hitting its peak as we crossed the Victoria Bridge onto the Island of Montreal. As folks scurried to work I hoisted up my back-pack (my huge suitcase stayed on the train to Toronto) and walked over to Place Ville Marie, then to Dominion Square where I bought a three-hour bus tour of Montreal. Pictured here are The Cathedral of Mary, Queen of the World, Notre Dame Basilica, St. Joseph’s Oratory and The Temple of Viagra (actually, of course, that is the Olympic Stadium).

Emma was happy to see me, I think, as I arrived home at about 10:30 p.m...and let the record show that, on this day, a tentative agreement was reached between the CBC and its locked-out Media Guild employees. Hooray!

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