I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate at …

I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate at McDonald’s but this cheeky campaign by a couple of school kids deserves support or, in this case, an intentional boycott of McDonald’s

We Want Our Money Back!

The United States owes Canada 5 billion dollars and we want it back!When we try to sell our trees in the U.S. they steal money from us in extra taxes. We are supposed to be able to sell our lumber (trees) in the U.S. without extra taxes because we have a trade agreement called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). But the U.S. broke the agreement and put extra taxes on Canadian lumber. So they have collected an extra $5 Billion in taxes on lumber that Canada has sold in the U.S. Those extra taxes are illegal and we want our money back.

The U.S. is acting like a big bully. They took our money and are refusing to give it back. This is making it impossible for Canada to sell lumber in the U.S. and many people in Canada have lost their jobs because of this (about 15,000 in British Columbia).

We need to tell the U.S. to “Stop being a bully!” The U.S. government needs to know that Canadians think this is important and they need to stop. But how can we tell them? Our Prime Minister and other leaders have tried but President Bush is not listening. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. His closest advisor, Condoleeza Rice, visited Canada recently and suggested that we are over-reacting. CNN reports have poked fun at Canadians for being concerned about this dispute, using the headline “What’s the big deal, eh?” It IS a big deal for all the people who have lost their jobs and all the other people this affects. It’s a big deal for Canada!

Help us send President Bush a message.Boycott McDonald’s for one day on Dec. 3

McDonald’s is the most famous U.S. company in the world. And millions of Canadians buy food at McDonalds every day. If we all boycott McDonalds for one day, it will get President Bush’s attention.

If we stand up to this bully, we can convince the U.S. to follow the rules and give us our money back. But whatever happens, we need to “stand on guard” for Canada and stand up to the bully.
Yo yo yo, give us our doughNo Mc-D on December 3!

Campaign initiated by 10 year-old Luke McAndless-Davis from New Westminster, BC with the help of his parents, and a friend named Matthew Monteith-Forsyth in Calgary,


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