Pianos, green and otherwise

Air mail brought me a t-shirt like this one today from Australia, where it is warm enough to wear a t-shirt I reckon. Clever, eh? This evening I enjoyed a night out at the symphony (Mahler’s Fifth Symphony was the highlight) and returned home to find an email from someone who had stumbled on to a piece I had written, either here or at Writing.com (I’m not certain which), called “The Green Piano”. The first-half of tonight’s concert was Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43, the grand piano (not green) expertly played by Stewart Goodyear.

Long story short, I mentioned in the piece of writing that a cottage was specially built for a man dying of cancer. (This was about 30 years ago.) Tonight’s email was from that man’s son! Somehow, and I am waiting to hear back from him as to exactly how, he came across the story, saw enough evidence to connect some dots, and contacted me.

This, as I told him in a note in response, was the same week that I had an email from the girl I took to my high school graduation dance almost thirty years ago. (She wanted to know if I remembered her!)

If I didn’t know, or at least believe, any better I would worry that these seemingly unrelated contacts (‘life flashing before my eyes’) were foretelling some grave misfortune about to befall me. Either that or I’ve simply been ‘Googled’.

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