‘Horseshoes up (my) ass!’

Vacation and ‘drug holiday’

I was more anxious than usual this morning as I walked into my HIV specialist’s office. Blood test results were due back and I had plenty of reason to fear that my vacation, and missed medication doses during and since, might have messed up my blood chemistry, potentially leaving me resistant now to some of my meds.

He got right to it.

“Your viral load is undetectable. Your blood sugar is 7.7. Your T-4 count is 600. Congratulations!”

I was dumbfounded.

Then I told him what had been going on. While on vacation bridging September and October I had missed a week’s worth – fully half – of my medication doses. To make matters worse, even when I had returned home I found that I was forgetting doses, so accustomed had I become to going without. In fact, when I finally got my refills of prescriptions last week, I found that I still had a month’s worth of some meds. Even taking into account how some prescriptions always seem to run out before others I knew that I had taken an unintentional gamble with this non-compliance.

“Well, all I can say is you’ve got horseshoes up your ass, my friend!” said the doctor after I ‘fessed up’. “That’s very interesting,” he said, busily writing a note to himself which I pictured in some forthcoming medical journal.

I’ll say…I just don’t ever want to go through the same anxiety of waiting for routine blood tests again. I’m back on track and hope to stay that way! (We’re going to re-check in just a month to be certain.)

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