Baron Black of Crossharbour, eh?

Vowing he will be vindicated of accusations that he pocketed millions of dollars from Hollinger International, Baron Conrad Black of Crossharbour is now having second thoughts about renouncing his Canadian citizenship (something he needed to do in order to earn a name as big as his Bridle Path mansion).Uh, Lordy Lord, it doesn’t work that way!

First off, Canada does not knowingly accept even landed immigrants who are facing off-shore criminal charges. Secondly, it seems rather insulting to have thumbed your nose at us so publicly only to come here looking for a welcome back within a few years.

No, you take your British passport and your nobility and you go down to Chicago, like a good boy, to face the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Buh-bye. Don’t slip on the wet maple leaves on your way out!

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