The NDP – the only party to earn my vote

Barring some strong advice from his wife, Sheila, it appears that Prime Minister Martin is going to refuse the NDP’s offer to keep the government from falling until after the holidays. The government will, therefore, lose Monday’s vote of confidence and the Martins, or at least Paul, will have coffee with the governor-general on Tuesday morning. The election will be underway. ‘An election that nobody wants right now’ is about all Team Martin can run on.

Their last-minute spending spree is just the latest in a series of cynical, for-the-camera moves that Martin and his advisors have served up these last seventeen months or so. It all started at Martin’s leadership convention when he promised, in front of Bono – who doesn’t foget such things easily – to take concrete steps to help Africa get out from under crushing international debt. Bono has watched Martin fail to get Canada’s international aid up to .7% of GDP – and Bono is pissed, as all Canadians should be! How is it that, according to Martin himself, Canada leads the western world in economic strength and yet cannot live up to our stated aims internationally? This broken promise is even more obvious after this recent spate of government spending announcements.
That’s today’s reason for me to vote for Michael Shapcott in Toronto Centre. The NDP is the only party that got some results in this minority parliament, thanks to its budget amendments, and Jack Layton deserves some more MPs like Michael for what will very likely be another minority government.

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