Walmartin’ Paul Martin

As Paul Martin tries to run on his economic record, the family business continues to run from Canadian taxes, health and labour laws and environmental protection regulations. In yesterday’s pissing contest with Stephen Harper about love for Canada (which Martin clearly won just by saying “I love Canada”) Martin was not asked to defend his record with Canada Steamship Lines – the family business now officially run by his sons.Flag-of-convenience ships (FOCs) allowed Martin (and now allow his sons) to pay 25 percent of the Canadian wage rate, avoid paying taxes completely, and trash Canadian labour standards, health and safety laws and environmental regulations, saving on average $700,000 a year from these unethical practices. CSL uses alot of Chinese labour and we know how well workers are treated there!

So, as Paul Martin boasts about record government surpluses (largely due to excessive pay-stub deductions), he needs to be held to account – still – for his ‘Jolly Roger’ business practices and for his help in shipping – literally – Canadian jobs to China and other wage-poor countries. Paul Martin is Walmartin’.


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