An open letter to Michael Shapcott, NDP candidate for Toronto Centre

Hi Michael,I’ve been an NDP supporter from almost the time I could vote, so you can count on me. If I was a single-issue voter, which I am not, and I was voting only on issues of human rights for the LGBTQ community it is the NDP which has consistently stood for queer rights since the days before we had reclaimed the word for ourselves, and long before human rights commissions and provincial and federal governments were recognizing us!The cynicism with which Bill Graham’s Liberals only supported equal marriage when the courts gave them no alternative still infuriates me.

Graham takes the gay vote for granted.

I hope you can wake up the queer community and get them interested in supporting the NDP for all sorts of positive reasons – more housing for the homeless in our riding, a less complicated – and better funded – healthcare system for everyone, including those of us with HIV, and more federal government help for Toronto’s infrastructure such as the NDP got in the last federal budget.

Best wishes!

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