A two month withdrawal

Okay so, big surprise, I am prone to episodes of depression. This one just hung around a little longer than most.An unfortunate shot of adrenaline shook me into overdrive, however, when my brother suffered a heart attack serious enough to put him on the short-list for quadruple bypass surgery. It seems the ten – yes ten – stents from previous angioplasties had done all they could. Thankfully, he’s fine. In fact he’s more than fine. His steady, fast, and enthusiastic recovery puts me to shame. It reminds me of the weeks following my accident in 2003 when gratitude for surviving was so much of the wind in my sails.

As I scanned my music files this afternoon, trying to find something that I wouldn’t just fast-forward through, I came upon my Simon and Garfunkel collection: Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Greatest Hits

There’s a War Resisters protest today in Fort Erie, for American soldiers seeking Canadian sanctuary from the madness in Iraq. As I find shelter from today’s humidity in my air-conditioned apartment (paradoxically awaiting tonight’s Stanley Cup Finals) Simon and Garfunkel, digitally-remastered with lyrics more clear than ever, seem like the perfect music to be in spirit with those demonstrators!

I must have been quite precocious, in those pre-adolescent summer days at Homer’s Haven, when I first listened to cousin Nancy’s Simon and Garfunkel records and made the connection with such events as the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and the Kent State riots.

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