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This article goes back a ways but, as I think about the upcoming federal NDP convention (September in Quebec City), it is worth re-visiting.

Hello, God? It’s us, the left
NDPers push faith in a bid to steal turf from religious right


Before going on, I should apologize to my fellow recovering Catholics who, on reading these lines, want to know which church this sensible guy belongs to so they can finally attend mass again. I’m sorry to say those lines come from a great movie called Priest (on VHS only).

Indeed, it may only be in the movies that one can find proof these days that religious leaders have matters other than personal morality and sex on their minds. Whether it’s the ongoing Vatican synod deciding whether to refuse communion to politicians supporting same-sex marriage or Muslim clerics furious that Dalton McGuinty turned thumbs down on sharia law, like it or not, God seems to be all over politics.

And not only is He very pissed off, but apparently He’s also very right-wing.

While the right’s takeover of religious discussion in the public realm is probably a drag for many Hindus, Jews, First Nations spiritualists, etc, it has a particular sting for the many left-wing Christian MPs in the federal New Democratic Party.

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