Globe & Mail: Pastoral prescription for HIV/AIDS: ministration and compassion

From Day One of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the Catholic Church has been delivering health care, charity and understanding, says Rev. THOMAS ROSICA

For the next week, we will be bombarded with news about HIV/AIDS as thousands of scientists, researchers, specialists, health-care workers and activists gather in Toronto for the XVI International AIDS Conference, which has as its theme: “Time To Deliver.”

As head of a Catholic Media Foundation, and the Salt and Light Catholic Television Network in Canada, I often hear: What does the Roman Catholic Church say about AIDS? (The question usually means, “What is the hierarchy saying?”)

There are also underlying questions: Why is the church allowing AIDS to spread by rejecting the use of condoms? Is HIV/AIDS a form of divine punishment? How should I respond to my child, relative, neighbour, colleague who is HIV positive? Besides suffering from HIV/AIDS, why do so many people suffer prejudice and rejection, even from other Catholics? What is the Church doing about this worldwide pandemic?

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One thought on “Globe & Mail: Pastoral prescription for HIV/AIDS: ministration and compassion

  1. BS Father! I’ve been poz for 14+ years and I remember fighting the catholic nursing sisters at St.Paul’s hospital in Vancouver. They refused to allow longtime companions to be with their loved ones as they lay dieing, family members only (some of who’d been estranged for years) were permitted – God’ll getcha for that sisters!

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