By the Numbers


4,200 The number of new HIV cases in Canada every year.

370 The number of aboriginal people estimated to be infected with HIV every year in Canada.

33 per cent The number of HIV-positive Canadians who don’t know they are infected

$36 million The amount of funding CIDA gave to HIV/AIDS initiatives in 2001-02

Source: Health Canada

There was a collective intake of breath in the Rogers Centre last evening as one speaker reported that there are about 60,000 Canadians living with HIV/AIDS. The gasp was, no doubt, due to the relatively small number when compared with virtually any other country with similar population figures. Granted, there is no other nation in the world spanning six time zones with less than forty million inhabitants.

Aboriginals and women are a growing segment of those living with the virus but it cannot be denied that Canada has fared relatively well in the pandemic. This makes it all the more important for Canada to deal with growing infection rates within and step up with our wealth, our research capabilities and our experience to help our global family.

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