Let’s Stop AIDS (dot org)

I have just come from watching “the two Bills” (Clinton and Gates) at the XVI International Conference on AIDS in Toronto. It was a delight to hear a question from Shamin Mohamed Jr. representing a Canadian NGO – based just south of my neighbourhood in fact – called Children’s AIDS Health Program whose website url speaks to its most profound aim: LetsStopAIDS.org. He asked the celebrity panelists what they thought young people could be doing in the fight to stem AIDS.Gates replied, “It’s a very tough problem to get AIDS to be the top issue for young people to think about.”Clinton suggested, “If you can build a sense of solidarity so young people could work together and advocate, it would make a big difference.”

It is inspiring to see young people taking up the cause of educating and supporting youth, as peers, in making healthy choices while they grow into adulthood while, at the same time, trying to make a difference in less wealthy parts of the world coping on such a massive scale with the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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One thought on “Let’s Stop AIDS (dot org)

  1. Richard_Cranium

    Ridding the world of AID, while it is a great marching cry, is as attainable as ridding the world of hunger. Everyone thinks they are great ideas for the greater good of humanity. However the hard reality is neither will be attained. The best we can do is attempt to curb the spread as much as possible.

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