AIDS Conference wraps up – next stop Mexico City in 2008

I ducked out of town in the early days of the XVI International AIDS Conference here in Toronto so that I might visit my mother and get a sense of the conference’s impact from another part of the province. My primary sources of information were CBC Newsworld, The Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail. (Mom’s blue box will be heaver in usual this week!)

The Citizen did some good stories (including this web feature) on HIV/AIDS in the Ottawa area, and a little less on the Ottawa political scene which has pretty much shut down for the summer with the House of Commons in recess. Letters to the Editor, pro and con, focused mostly on Stephen Harper’s absence from the conference.

A highlight from the Citizen was a story on “The Grandmothers” visiting Wakefield where a vibrant grandmothers’ group had done some creative fundraising in advance of the conference.

While there were times that I wished I had stayed in Toronto for the duration of the conference it was interesting to see the extensive coverage given it from afar.

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One thought on “AIDS Conference wraps up – next stop Mexico City in 2008

  1. yes, I had to leave the conference early also. I was there for the pre-conference and up until Wednesday…

    see you in 2008

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