Liberals take on NDP

During a recent trip to visit my Mom, as I told her of my excitement at being a delegate to September’s NDP convention in Quebec City, she asked me to “tell Jack (Layton) to concentrate more on criticizing the Conservatives than the Liberals”. (I finally convinced Mom to vote NDP in the last election, as we both knew that her usual Liberal vote would not go very far in her eastern Ontario riding this time.) Yet, while she is uncomfortable with the NDP’s strategy of pointing out Liberal flaws, she would probably have little difficulty with this Globe and Mail report which describes Liberal leadership contenders’ attacks on the New Democrats. She doesn’t read the Globe but I hope I could point out the differences between Liberals’ complete disrespect for New Democrats and the NDP’s recruitment of would-be Liberal, and ‘progressive’, voters.

This is part of the cut and thrust of politics and, while I agree that the prospect of a Stephen Harper majority is frightening (which already seems less likely than it did a few months ago), Mom needs some more convincing to vote for the NDP rather than simply voting against the Conservatives. It seemed to be Jack’s suggestion to “lend” her vote to the NDP in the last election which won her over. I just hope she can be convinced to, at the very least, extend the loan. The Liberals show few signs of earning – really – even a solid minority’s worth of confidence before the next election – and the Conservatives will probably pull the plug on Parliament before that could happen anyway.

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One thought on “Liberals take on NDP

  1. Joshmanicus

    The Liberals are acussing the NDP is disigenuiness. How cute.

    Seriously, if you want to get your mom on your side, what you need to do is start telling her that the Liberals want to kill health care. Use Michael Ignatieff’s sacred cows speech as evidence. That’ll get her attention.

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