Cheri DiNovo for Parkdale-High Park

If ever there was a candidate who embodies New Democratic principles it is Cheri DiNovo, running for Member of Provincial Parliament in Toronto’s Parkdale-High Park by-election on September 14.

While I do not know her personally we travel in similar circles. As Minister at Emmanuel Howard Park United Church she has presided over many successful and well-publicized community projects there. Cheri’s show on CIUT, “The Radical Reverend”, has a loyal following, her book “Qu(e)erying Evangelism” won the Lambda book award during this summer’s Pride Week, and she has been featured in national print and television news stories for her diverse, all-embracing congregation and its innovative work.

I heard Ms. DiNovo speak a couple of years ago and she is a dynamic orator. Queen’s Park will liven up a lot when she replaces Gerard Kennedy in the New Democratic Party caucus.

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