Open Thread – JonBenet media oneup(or down)manship

As a former member of the private sector news media (radio), something I have many good reasons not to boast about, I continue to have a nearly insatiable appetite for media criticism (and, just so that I am clear, I mean criticism of the media not the dwindling art of clearly marked criticism/editorializing by the media of matters before the public).Which brings me to JonBenét Ramsey.

The more we speculate, aloud or in print, about the sanity of parants subjecting a child to beauty pageant competition the more we see that grainy video footage of JonBenét on stages. The more we focus on one child murder investigation the longer the potential line-up grows of deranged 15-minute seekers getting theirs.

Notwithstanding the obscene lack of perspective, given all the other issues in our world which could be followed for the greater good, I am looking for relevant commentaries as to how the name “JonBenét” carries the familiarity of, let’s say, O.J., Cher, Bono or Monica (to use just a few one-name examples!)

By doing so I confess that I am contributing to the very waste of time and space I am critiquing.Please send me your picks of links to articles critically examining questions such as:

– why the JonBenét case continues to get so much media attention,

– how the media has pounced on every “development” each of which, as of yesterday, brings us back to square one or less,

– outstanding (obviously not necessarily good or accurate) statements by media stars, such as Nancy Grace, and whether or not they have been retracted as quickly as “facts” have been so obviously misstated

– does the media have the humility to examine its role in the creation of this circus while accepting without question, as just one example, the rationale for the Iraq war.

The inexhaustive list, in no particular order, begins here:

The Christian Science Monitor’s excellent “Why cable news pursues the JonBenet Ramsey case”

From Editor & Publisher

CBS News – Public Eye – “The Media’s Whodunit”

Slate Magazine’s “The JonBenet Ramsey Murder – Remind us what happened?” (an ironic title clearly aimed at sub-rock dwellers or those with serious dementia)

Denver Post columnist Jim Spencer’s “JonBenét media circus sets up again”

Orange County Register’s “10 years later, JonBenet media mania resumes”

Australian Fox “Gotcha” blogger Gary Hughes’ “Inside the Jonbenet media circus”’s “Jonbenet: Media Sensationalism and Truth”

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart (via “YouTube”)‘s “Mainstream TV Media Drops The Ball On NSA Ruling, Instead Devotes Attention To JonBenet Ramsey”

Jeff Cohen at The Huffington Post: “TV News Vultures Circling JonBenet’s Corpse — Again”

“JonBenet coverage makes me feel ashamed” by Jon Friedman of MarketWatch

The Carpetbagger Report’s “The media has its priorities; are they yours?”

JonBenet Who?” from Seven Days (Vermont)

Arianna Huffington’s “It’s News, Right?”

…And from the “From Your Mouth to God’s Ears Department” “Media has one last JonBenet story to write — We’re sorry” by C.W. Nevius


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