Worth repeating – "Sinister Thoughts"

As we quickly approach the fifth anniversary of 9/11 (or, as I have often observed, 9-1-1) we are being treated to a smorgasbord of media offerings on the nailing-jello-to-a-wall “War on Terror”. Meanwhile voices seeking less of a scorched earth military approach are shouted down as naive. Well call me naive.
I am unhappy enough with some aspects of western democracy to think twice before arrogantly taking it on the road like Rambo-style vacuum sales reps. That is patriarchal, patronizing colonialism; nothing less. (One alternative might be more targeted international police work while delivering on our promise to rebuild critical infrastructure, sans Halliburtonesque corruption, at least one-quarter as fast as it has been destroyed.)Greg from Sinister Thoughts was apparently up early today and managed to stomach a really nasty column by Christie Blatchford on Jack Layton’s call to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. Blatchford, like her friendly competitor Rosie DiManno at the Toronto Star, is a big fan of the mission in Afghanistan. I guess it comes with being “embedded”, although I don’t know if Canadian journalists are under as strict constraints as Americans. Is it not possible to roll around with our troops while questioning the wisdom of their political masters?

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