Prestigious Senlis Council warns Afghanistan mission needs to change – and soon!

In a report marking the fifth anniversary of 9-1-1 9/11 the London-based Senlis Council, a think-tank describing itself as a “security and development policy group”, declares that the US-led international community has failed Afghanistan. It goes on to say that Afghans feel that they have been betrayed and “unless the priorities of the international community are immediately and radically shifted, support for the Taliban will continue increasing, and will lead to the collapse of the country.”

There were no less than four headines atop a news release concerning the report:

  • Five years after their removal from power: The Taliban are back
  • Taliban Frontline now cuts half-way through Afghanistan
  • US and UK led failed counter-narcotics policies are responsible
  • Humanitarian crisis hits southern Afghanistan – extreme poverty, drought and hundreds of thousands starving in south
  • The report says the Taliban’s return to power is a direct consequence of the flawed approach that the “US-led international community” has taken in Afghanistan since 2001.

    Access the full report (and summaries) here.

    P.S. The White House says “America is safer, but not yet safe.”

    Quick, run for the hills!

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