Greetings/Bonjour from Québec

It’s coming up on noon of Day One at the convention in Québec and, while there were some events as early as 8 a.m. (events other than wake-up calls or showers), it was closer to 9:30 before I got over to the convention centre.

The train ride from Toronto, with a huge rally at Gare Centrale in Montreal prior to boarding the “NDP Express” was wonderful but by the time we arrived in Québec City, around 11 p.m., many of us were ready to break the emergency glass to escape. As the train crossed the river into Québec it jostled around the railway yard for a good half hour or more so that – because it was so long (a very good thing, correct?) – it had to come into the station in two sections on two tracks (left and far left).

We were met by the glare of television camera lights, so I trust we got a little coverage, and by a cadre of municipal transit buses and their friendly drivers who took us to our hotels.

I arrived at the convention this morning just in time to see the caucus get a rousing welcome on stage. Then business began with greetings, a couple of opening speeches, reports, and a few resolutions needing passage in order to be in effect for this convention.

This evening I am going to the fundraiser with Stephen Lewis and Gary Doer and then a few of us from Toronto Centre are going to seek out a gay bar or two.

To be continued…

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