New Democrats’ LGBT Caucus makes history at convention

The New Democrats’ LGBT Caucus – (at our National Council, not Parliament) – proudly broke precedent on Friday when, along with former MP Svend Robinson, Micheline Ann Montreuil was elected Caucus Co-Chair. Micheline is the first-ever transgendered person to be elected to a national position in the party – and, we’re happy to say, any party!The caucus met at the convention over the lunch hour on Friday (lunch, which I grabbed from the refreshments service on the way, was a croissant, Danish and a Pepsi – oy!) to elect our officers. The turnout was excellent – far greater than planners had counted on, if the overcrowded room is any indication – and we were barred from leaving, or at least persuaded from doing so, until we had signed a contact list!

Special thanks went to Matthew McLauchlin for his longstanding work on behalf of the caucus. Without question, Matthew’s most animated presentation, and a proud moment for all of us, was his speaking on an emergency resolution to the convention on Sunday (it passed overwhelmingly) on the “Montreal Declaration” from the recent Outgames.Here are the Temporary Statutes of the NDP LGBT Committee:

1. The goal of the NDP LGBT Committee is to represent any LGBT interest inside the New Democratic Party of Canada.The expression LGBT covers not only any lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans interest but also any word or expression covering a similar interest like homosexual, crossdressing, transvestite, transgender, transexual, she-male, queer, two-spirited, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and so on.

2. The Committeee is ruled by an executive of four officers and six representatives:Two Co-Chairpersons including one who identifies herself as a woman
One secretary
One treasurer
One representative from each of the following six regions:
-British Columbia
-Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
-New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador
-The Territories

3. The officers of the Committee are elected by the Caucus and the representatives are designated by the provincial or territorial sections of the NDP.

4. The Co-Chairpersons can invite anyone to become member of the Committee.

5. The rules of writing of this text are the follwing ones: masculine form includes feminine one, singular form includes plural one, present tense includes past and future tenses and the power to appoint someone includes the power to dismiss. (note from Kenn: this helps simplify language, e.g. translation)

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