Adieu, Guy. Please don’t forget to flush!

Heritage Minister Bev Oda has just announced to the House of Commons that CBC chairman Guy Fournier has resigned (or was he flushed?) after controversial comments he made about bestiality and bowel movements.

The seventy-five year old Fournier was wearing a target on his back after falsely claiming, in a French-language magazine article, that Lebanon permits bestiality (he later corrected himself, blaming his misinformation on the internet), and for a seperate bout of verbal diarrhea in a Toronto interview regarding the joys of bowel movements.

Oda noted that Fournier was appointed by the previous Liberal government to a five-year term last September but “has increasingly lost the confidence of Canada’s new government.” She said she received Fournier’s “voluntary resignation” effective immediately.

We’ll have to watch that Ms. Oda does not send the full-strength toilet scrubbers of her department in to clean out the CBC entirely – although management has needed its collective head examined, or at least a good enema, since the lockout last year.

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