Canadian Peace Alliance: ‘Thanks but… No Tanks!’ – Troops out of Afghanistan

October 28th 2006 – is a pan-Canadian day of action calling for the troops to be brought home from Afghanistan. The actions are endorsed by the Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Islamic Congress, Le Collectif Échec à la guerre , Council of Canadians, Canadian Arab Federation, National Union of Public and General Employees, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, United Steelworkers – National, Canadian Auto Workers Union, Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association, Greenpeace Canada and many more. See the full endorsers list here.

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Thanks but… No Tanks!

Troops out of Afghanistan

September 20, 2006

The Government of Canada has announced that it is sending another 450 soldiers and a squadron of heavy battle tanks to Afghanistan to stop the advance of the Taliban in Kandahar province. This is a dangerous escalation in a war that is becoming increasingly violent for NATO soldiers and the people of Afghanistan. The CPA strongly condemns this arms buildup and calls for the troops to be brought home now.

Despite growing opposition in this country and a clear message coming from international warfare experts that this war is long lost, Canada is raising the stakes and bringing more weapons into an already volatile situation. This escalation is against the wishes of most Canadians. In the Globe and Mail poll reported on September 14, only 3% of respondents called for in increase in Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan while 41% called for immediate withdrawal.

This new deployment also belies the suggestion that Canada is in Afghanistan to conduct development and reconstruction work. Tanks have never been used for construction but are rather a useful tool when destroying the lives and homes of innocent people. The violent occupation led by the US and NATO continues to cause great suffering in the country and augmenting that deployment with tanks will not help. Our heavy hand has just gotten a bit heavier which will cause more suffering for civilians there and cause an even stronger resistance to build.

The issue in Afghanistan is that we are on the side of a corrupt and violent government that is seen as a puppet of the US administration. Our occupation forces will likewise continue to be seen as unwanted and violent occupiers. More heavy weapons will not change that fact.

The people of Afghanistan may think that they are living in an Orwellian nightmare. Recent polling by human rights and development groups has found that a majority of the people of Afghanistan want disarmament. To respond by sending Leopard heavy battle tanks shows how little that the NATO forces care about the needs of the Afghan people.

On October 28 2006 tens of thousands of people will be taking to the streets in Canada to call for our troops to be brought home now. You can find all the information and resources needed to start a campaign to bring the troops home now at:


Sid Lacombe
Canadian Peace Alliance
tel 416-588-5555
fax 416-588-5556

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