Chiming in on the gifts of feminism

With a grateful nod to Progressive Bloggers for getting this campaign going (in anticipation of the Conservatives’ attack on Status of Women Canada) here – in no particular order other than a caffeine-fueled stream of consciousness – are five things feminism has given me:

– an appreciation that pornography is degrading and sexist, not to mention “looksist”, and – in the gay porn context (knowing whereof I speak) – “muscleist” and ageist.

– the womens’ movement’s longstanding support for basic human rights of equality for, in my case, gay men (and a progressive social movement which gave me my footing). This has helped expand my worldview from my initial fight (to include sexual orientation in human rights codes) to joining the campaign to end violence against women, maintaining and enhancing womens’ reproductive choices, etc.

– the raising of my consciousness about the pervasive, cancerous patriarchy throughout society worldwide. The most pressing example of this, these days, is what Stephen Lewis calls the feminization of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

– spirituality that broadens our imaginations – indeed challenges our assumptions – when we think of the Divine

– a fighting spirit (“We shall not, we shall not be moved”) that has emboldened millions to never give up seeking social justice in everything from the rights of indigenous peoples to fair trade coffee (did I mention how much I like coffee?)

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One thought on “Chiming in on the gifts of feminism

  1. Amen to your comments! In the broader sense we need an enlightened humanity in order to deal with the ecological and spiritual crisis now threatening civilization itself.

    On a smaller scale, I believe that we need a political “movement” rather than “issue” consciousness. In other words the struggle of gay and lesbian people, as well as women in general, is in the tradition of the struggles of indigenous people, black people in America, labor, etc., etc. Richard Vigurie on the right has been so effective because he was able to bring together the various “conservative” special interests, such as anti-choice, anti-tax, etc., so that they could be successful. We progressives (who represent a much broader demographic than the right wing) need to come together, build the media sources, think tanks, communication channels, fundraising, so that we can compete with the amazing advances in organizing on the right we have seen over the last four decades.

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