Pondering the unimaginable

Those surviving Amish kids in Pennsylvania have never watched a television, let alone a newscast. A slumber party with something as benign as “Little House on the Prairie” playing on a VCR would be out of the question.

Not even survivors of Columbine, or other such acts of madness, will “know how they feel”.

So how do they even begin to understand the evil which visited them yesterday?

They will seek seclusion, with their families and friends, as far as they can get from the prying lights and lenses of the media – to say nothing of the predictably stupid questions about “closure” and endless wondering out loud about how the madman who did this hatched his plan.

They will comfort one another as best they can, drawing upon their faith – as unfathomable as that might seem to any of us who have been overly exposed to man’s (and isn’t it nearly always men?) inhumanity to humankind. They will pray, in periods of long silence and aloud.

I wish them peace.


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