Stevie and George chat

“Steve” Harper and U.S. President Bush, in the diplomatic equivalent of bad phone sex, have apparently discussed the Maher Arar case. Neither party was asked to confirm nor deny the authenticity of the following transcript:

POTUS GWB: G’mornin’ Stevie! Y’all set for the Columbus Day weekend? Heh heh heh

Harpo: Mr. President, good morning. Well, Sir, we here in Canada call Columbus Day “Thanksgiving”.

POTUS GWB: Come again? Thanksgiving i’n’t ‘til November. Y’all celebrate Christmas around Hallowe’en? Heh heh heh

Harpo: Well, no, Mr. President. Some former government here, probably Liberal, decided we needed a paid holiday in October so they came up with a Canadian version of Thanksgiving. See we fill our horns of plenty earlier here because of the earlier harvest.

POTUS GWB: I heard about that. Ice wine you call it. Interesting.

Harpo: Well, Mr. President, ice wine is another matter all together. But…

POTUS GWB: Say, Steve, Laura and me just wanted to say, again, how great it is to have you as our friends down there in Canada. Means a lot to us. You’re good people. Strong character. Nice mountains. Good fishin’ I hear…

Harpo: Thank you, Sir. You will always have a friend in the new Conservative government of Canada.

POTUS GWB: Great, that’s just great, Steve. Say I’m off to a prayer meetin’…

Harpo: Mr. President, about the Maher Arar case. I just wanted to let you know that my government will be officially protesting the American role in this. Please understand, though, it happened under the previous Liberal government and there are no hard feelings between my party…

POTUS GWB: The wha–… Thanks Stevie. Be praying for ya and the good people of Canada…eh? Heh heh heh


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