Jack blasts Harpocrites for sweet tip to Porter

Politics Watch has a story (as well as a fetching aerial view of Toronto’s waterfront, not this bird I photographed near the Harbourfront Centre) reporting on the Harper government’s scandalous public service employee discount for Porter Airlines flights back and forth from Ottawa. With no Conservative MPs down here south of the 401 we had better not catch any other parties’ operatives down on the world’s shortest, and stupidest, ferry ride.

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One thought on “Jack blasts Harpocrites for sweet tip to Porter

  1. davidhttp://www.megginson.com/

    The idea of Porter doesn’t seem so bad to me. After all, Jazz was flying to the Island Airport until last February, and it caused so little trouble that almost no one in Toronto even knew where the airport was.

    I’m a big fan of livable cities (I live in an Ottawa neighbourhood where I can do almost everything walking), but I think that healthy cities have to mix residential, work, and transportation: with a bus station and a train station downtown, the airport also makes sense. Offloading everything the new condo dwellers don’t like to the (lower-income) suburbs will just hollow out the downtown core, like has happened in so many U.S. cities.

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