Oh, to be in London-North-Centre!

Tonight is the night London NDippers pick their candidate to run against former Mayor Dianne Haskett who won The Conservative Party nomination last night.

With Elizabeth May’s candidacy for the Greens in the mix, and the leader-seeking Liberals at least balloon-testing Dave Burghardt, whose late father Jack used to be MP, deputy mayor and unsuccessful mayoralty candidate against one Dianne Haskett, no matter who the NDP chooses the all candidates debates ought to be like no other. (My only hope of seeing even part of them rests with Kitchener’s CTV station.)

I think Haskett should get Cheryl Gallant to come down and stump for her; perhaps draw Elsie Wayne out of retirement for a few days, too. Goodness knows Pat O’Brien will probably be canvassing.

Then Londoners need to give their heads a shake and make certain that Irene Mathyssen helps New Democrats elect another M.P.

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