Sunday on the American links

Sunday afternoons used to be about getting my fingers, nose and/or forehead covered in
New York Times ink. Now I read it, and lots more that I don’t check in on every day, online. From Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish comes “the proof”, two years old, that George W. Bush backs civil unions, not marriage granted, for lesbian and gay couples. Sullivan must think this will keep a few more fundamentalist Republicans home from mid-term elections.In The Atlantic Monthly, meanwhile, Jack Beatty says that in wartime Americans don’t rally ’round Congress like they do the flag.

John Nichols, over at The Nation, blogs on “The Swift Boating of Michael J. Fox”. (By the way, The Nation’s current front page has a photo of Tennessee Congressman-who-would-be-Senator Harold Ford, Jr. that puts a bi-racial twist on those old promotional shots for Brokeback Mountain.)

Oh and James Wolcott‘s Vanity Fair blog has an amusing take on the homoeroticism of Ford (and Republicans’ homo obsession).
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