London North Centre – By-election or Air Show?

With the exception of New Democratic Party candidate Megan Walker, and now Liberal pick Glen Pearson, the by-election in London North Centre has the feel of a skydiving club.

Of course we have Washington, D.C.’s Dianne Haskett, trying to say London is home again for her, jetting in with her theo-conservative experience for the Harpocrites, Green Party leader Elizabeth May road-testing the campaign she will eventually mount in Cape Breton, and now we have a third parachuting candidate, and just what every city needs, too – another real estate agent.

53-year old Robert Ede is running as an independent. Ede, from Thornhill, says he’ll file his candidacy credentials once he finds the minimum 100 signatures required.

The London Free Press quoted Ede as saying, “This is a special riding…and I’m a real estate salesman. I know how to go into a new market. I’m a quick study.”

Then, perhaps inadvertently, proving the maxim that there’s no such thing as bad publicity when self-promoting – especially when it’s free – he said, “I’m a complete rookie…I’m here because the byelection is here.”

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3 thoughts on “London North Centre – By-election or Air Show?

  1. Dylan

    Don’t forget Steve Hunter and the Progressive Canadian party will be running in the by-election as well.

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