Jack isn’t just talking tough on climate change

Jack Layton has quickly called his critics’ bluff by introducing The Climate Change Accountability Act in the House of Commons. This came before today’s hastily-arranged, yet ultimately ‘disappointing’, meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Of course the media wanted to know if Jack was prepared to bring the government down – the fallback question when issues of substance are too thick. Jack wouldn’t rule anything out, a tease the MSM laps up.

These are interesting times, considering that the Liberals would not want an election before they pick a new leader (something which might even be part of everyone else’s calculations), and yet none of the opposition parties support the government’s so-called Clean Air Act.

This might be another occasion where Jack has a hand in rewriting legislation – something productive in a minority parliament. As I see it his bill just forces the government out of generalities and makes commitments in both the medium and longer term. Getting new regulations in place within 12 years is not a lot to ask and rolling out a series of specific five year targets puts the same sort of deliberation into the environment that is now almost second nature on the fiscal side of things.

Keep the pressure on, Jack!

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One thought on “Jack isn’t just talking tough on climate change

  1. Not sure if you have seen yet … but the meeting with Harper was essentially a bust and I think that was bound to happen.

    A Conservative government will not be willing to make the necessary commitments to move towards real and necessary climate change.

    What we saw today was political jockeying by both Harper and Layton. In the forth coming election Harper can say that he tried to talk to all parties to make things work even the dreaded NDP! While Jack can say that, once again, the NDP was the only party that tried to make government work.

    Bottom line is that Layton should not make this a confidence motion (yet) because the Libs won’t back it simply because they’re not ready for an election. But once the Libs have a leader I fully expect the government to fall within a month.

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