An off day for the Liberals

It’s a bit rich for Liberal John McCallum to be bellyaching, about the Conservatives’ move to plug the hole in income trusts, as a broken promise. The Liberals are under investigation for their handling of the issue around the time of January’s election – and they probably would have done the same thing by now.

BCE and Telus were maybe just a little too gleeful in their announcements earlier this year that they were flipping into income trusts – going from paying corporate tax rates to paying zip.

With the Conservatives agreeing, earlier today, to send the Clean Air Act to an all-party committee the NDP scored big while also embarrassing the Liberals who had laughed off Jack Layton’s move as a stunt. Now, in committee, it will be the Conservatives’ complete sham of a bill – and the Liberals’ abysmal record on Kyoto – on public display prior to a spring election with the Opposition parties able to re-design the CAA entirely.

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