Is there to be no fun in fundamentalism?

Buckdog‘s well-deserved rant against religious fundamentalists of all stripes, the basis of which I agree with, touched off a blizzard, or at least a squall, of responses.

Like him, I think it is is pathetic that Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, at least the public parade, had to be nixed due to concerns of violence by ultra-orthodox, i.e. fundamentalist, Jews.

I, and many of my friends, call ourselves Christian (and it is not up to fundamentalists to tell us otherwise) because we empathize with that gut instinct, that some people have, to work for something better which, like other social gospel advocates like Tommy Douglas, we do in the context of a ‘seeking’, not always faith-filled, community.

Most of my Christian friends take the Bible as a collection of legends, myths, allegories, and hand-me-down recollections at best -some of them useful, others absolute nonsense, i.e. something can be ‘true’ – have truth – without being historically provable or even factually correct. (To fail to unpack the meanings of ‘myth’ and ‘allegory’, as fundamentalists do, is to remain intractable on the validity of scripture.)

Yet we liberal, some say ’emerging’ Christians (though I’ve pretty much concluded I am on the outward edges of that phenomenon, too) are inspired by the revolutionary ideas that Jesus purportedly was killed over. We try to pose provocative questions to the powers that be – consumerism, government, etc.

This is our take on modeling ourselves after Jesus, however naive that might seem, and we believe that he would have little to do with the so-called Church that came about after his death – and some Christians even dare to question whether he even physically lived.

It’s unfortunate that the fundies seek, and get, the lion’s share of attention, so much of it deservedly bad, and it always gives me pause to consider just disavowing myself of the Christian label for the sake of simplicity.

Yet that would be giving in to the most extreme fundamenterrorists who believe the nonsense that affirming a modern, research-backed given, such as one’s sexual orientation, is a non-starter (indeed, with fire and brimstone, a finisher).

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8 thoughts on “Is there to be no fun in fundamentalism?

  1. leftdog

    Some fundamentalists have done to the beautiful religion of Christianity what Osama Bin Laden has done to the beautiful religion of Islam.

    Haters. They hate.

  2. landonsandy

    I know fundies think Jesus is going to come back to wipe away the world we’ve destroyed and whisk them away to new SUVs and a batch of their grandmas cookies, but if I was just doing it my way, I would be much more interested in one more trip like His last one. To see Him speak to these religious leaders, challenge them, blow their laws and lawlessness out of the water. If Jesus would have anything to do with the church, I’d like to see Him change a few sauls into pauls (Maybe to go so far as changing a few Pauls into Kenn Chaplins this time). Thanks for posting on EV, that conversation is probably about to get out of hand and people speaking up for themselves is the way to go. Good reads on here, more reading for an insomniac; always a good thing.

  3. Kenn Chaplin

    I’m with you on needing a modern-day Jesus – without the baggage the church would have him carry. We know he got pissed at the way things were done back in his time so we’re on the track to question and even rant! Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

  4. The Chasidic Jews couldn’t have a gay pride parade. Not wouldn’t, couldn’t. I grew up with Chabad and even the thought of it would have them choking. It’s a viscreal reacation. An orthodox woman doesn’t touch anyone during her unclean days, covers her hair for anyone but her husband and the practice of modesty… it is Jewish Fundamentalism.

    I don’t know much about X-tian fundamentalists. This month I actually watched the 700 Club with a sad mother. Some of the words were a little scary to me. I like to believe that my intellect is G-d Given as is my sexuality.

    How lucky I am to be born heterosexual so I can enjoy my sexaulity inside the bounds of a legal and religious nod.

    I’ve changed this month. I want to see gay marriage legal in the US. I didn’t previously care too much and I’ve at times understood and come close to embracing the idea that gay marriage would take away from the sanctity of mine. I now see that as foolish.

    I hope one day soon homosexual unions in the US will be embraced in houses of worship as well as in the courts.

    As somone who was raised with one toe in a fundamentalist religion and the other with raging hippies I can see both sides clearly and often find myself smack dab in the middle.

    Since I’ve totally hijacked this blog with an insufferably long comment I’ll wrap up with this.

    If my sexuality is G-d Given then yours must be too. I’m sure even Jesus loves a parade.

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