Doh! Santa McGuinty gives out lumps of coal early

The fix, election date and otherwise, is in for Dalton McGuinty.

After first blaming advisers (“Be careful about the advice you get from experts”), the Ontario Premier has fallen on his own plastic knife and taken responsibility for the latest of his broken 2003 election promises to do away with the province’s five pollution-belching, coal-fired electricity plants by, hmmm, let’s say election time – the end of 2007. Ain’t gonna happen. McGuinty blew it.

Let’s not look for any Liberal promises in writing during the next campaign. Apart from Dalton McGuinty breeding cynicism, however, Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton rightly points out that these generating plants are major health hazards.

Hampton has consistently called for a green plan of energy conservation and investment in energy efficiency.

Too bad the shortsighted government can’t see jobs and economic activity in innovative energy policy. Instead, it is determined to keep pollution-making activity going with duct tape and electricity import agreements – gridlock, urban sprawl, smog days and all – just to limp to the October 4, 2007 election.

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